It's never too late to find your worth.
You were born to do something great out of the theme of your life.
Just reach for it.

Go Ahead…Paint Your Shoes


It's my latest craft craze. I buy cheap, used shoes and paint them. That first stroke of the brush was hard to do... What if I don't like it? What if I make a mistake? What if they looked better before? It's like that with my writing, or should I say re-writing. And I know it applies to other things we do in life. Covering … Read More

3 Easy Ways to Stay Overwhelmed


As a writer, I find that nothing prevents my fingers from tapping on those little black keys more than feeling overwhelmed. I had planned on a leisure, uncomplicated … Read More

A New Beginning


After a long crazy journey writing and seeking publication for Emancipated Heart, God surprised me with a warm hug of assurance and reward. Win or not, this is … Read More