It's never too late to find your worth.
You were born to do something great out of the theme of your life.
Just reach for it.

The Magic of Story

final ebook

March 1, 2015 I've written a story. Well, I've written lots of stories, but now I'm preparing to publish one. That means people will actually read it. Oh, my! Have you ever thought about how many untold stories there are still to tell, and how magical it is that with the power of words they can come alive? We all have stories … Read More

Living in Limbo

recent draft2 - Copy-002

A sneak peek at part of my book cover (by Lynnette Bonner) Sounds like a town...Limbo, Montana or Limbo, Wisconsin. The word might evoke all kinds of pictures in … Read More

3 Ways to Prepare for Anything

coming soon

January 31, 2015 I'm preparing to launch a book. My own. My first least the first one I'm ready to share with the world. My mind whirls with ideas, … Read More