3 Observations from the Beholder

I'm writing a speech on creativity. I happen to be one of those creative types - you know, the melancholy, unstable, weird, unpredictable kind. Not really... That's just what some people think when they meet a "creative" person. That stigma comes from the tragic icons like Hemingway, Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe, and even more … Read More


What Did You Expect?

I’ve been watching the movie The Sound of Music since I was in Junior High. I can't watch it without singing along...to the irritation of those watching with … Read More


The Friendship Test

I recently took a friendship test online – just one of those silly tests that don’t really ask the right questions or … Read More

abstract fire on black

Fire, Coals or Ashes?

"You're on fire!" Has anyone said that to you lately? I don't mean literally on fire, but the figurative sense can also … Read More