It's never too late to find your worth.
You were born to do something great out of the theme of your life.
Just reach for it.

What Will You Be When You Grow Up?


This afternoon I watched The Waltons. You remember The Waltons…a family TV series from the 70s set in the 1930s. I tuned in a few minutes into the episode. John Boy Walton, college student and aspiring novelist, is being lectured by an older author. The author asks John Boy what he plans to do for a living. “Write,” he … Read More

A New Beginning


After a long crazy journey writing and seeking publication for Emancipated Heart, God surprised me with a warm hug of assurance and reward. Win or not, this is … Read More

Do You See Forest or Trees?


I suppose it would depend on your current circumstances. Right now I see trees. Trees to go around, trees to block my view, trees to distract me. That's not … Read More

Living in Limbo

recent draft2 - Copy-002

A sneak peek at part of my book cover (by Lynnette Bonner) Sounds like a town...Limbo, Montana or Limbo, Wisconsin. The … Read More